Game of Thrones


stark-distressed-sigilGame Of Thrones is HBO’s Emmy® winning original dramatic series based on the best-selling A Song Of Ice and Fire fantasy novels by acclaimed author George R. R. Martin. Set in a fictitious war-torn world reminiscent of Medieval Europe, Game Of Thrones follows the violent dynastic struggles of an empire in turmoil. Mysterious magical phenomena are on the rise and the traditional balance of power, wealth and influence is in jeopardy as seven noble families fight for a seat atop the Iron Throne.




With 7 seasons completed and more to come, Game Of Thrones is a truly global phenomenon seen around the world in over 200 markets. It is the biggest selling TV Show and is the hottest-selling franchise on DVD and Blu-Ray.



The active and devoted fan community are eager to watch, discuss, experience and interact with all things related to the show. That fan-generated energy helps support a vast array of official Game Of Thrones licensed products spanning categories across all spectrums of the industry. Many more opportunities remain open for solicitation.

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