12 Guardians – Shudan

Animated feature film ‘Shudan’ will go into full production later this year to be released in China during July 2018, followed by global release shortly after.

The film is the first in a Trilogy that will introduce the epic world of 12 Guardians to a global audience. Discussions are also underway for a follow up TV series.

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Story Synopsis

5,000 years ago, the 12 Guardians of Shanguo were created by Emperor Dan Zhou to protect the land. Using powerful talismans, the Guardians transformed to their mighty Zodiac counterparts – becoming bastions of justice who fought evil throughout the ages – while their immortal archenemy, Qiao, was determined to obtain the Guardian’s talismans of power for himself.

In London’s bustling Chinatown, JOE YANG, a third generation British-Chinese kid is living a routine life with his Aunt, but today he’s excited because his father returns from another long business trip. However, their celebration dinner turns sour when Joe’s father receives an urgent call – once again his work takes him away, leaving Joe sorely disappointed.

Weeks pass, then Joe gets news he never wanted to hear: his Dad has died.

All he left for Joe was a small talisman, engraved with a dog. Joe doesn’t want a trinket – he wants his dad back!

As if that were not enough, he encounters a mysterious man called QINSU, who claims to be a friend of his father. He tells Joe that his father was a warrior, one of the 12 Guardians of Shanguo.

It is a destiny that is passed down through the generations, and now Joe must take the mantle of his father and become a Guardian. Joe finds it hard to believe but slowly he realizes why his father was absent for all that time in his life. He’s torn, but wants to know more about his father and leaves London with Qinsu on a craft like no other he has ever seen – Shudan!

In a remote region of China, Joe arrives at the Guardians’ base and learns of his father’s murderer Qiao. Craving vengeance, Joe takes the mantle of his father – the Dog – and meets the rest of the team: LI LI (the Tiger), CHEN DO (the Dragon), RICKY (the Rooster), and JAIRA (the Ox). This is all that is left of the 12 Guardians – Qiao killed the rest and stole their talismans, giving him their power and should he get all 12 of them, he will be invincible!

Joe has crossed the threshold! His life will change forever and there is no going back. He must prove himself to the other Guardians, master the skills of transformation, learn about mind-blowing technology and face the most deadly and cunning of foes – Qiao and the Four Fiends. Survival is by no means certain for any of them.

They are only five …somewhere out there are the other seven …they could be anybody …it could be you … but that’s another story…

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