Action Mice

Action Mice is an animated ACTION/ ADVENTURE series aimed at the 6 – 14 year olds, With 26 x 22min episodes

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If you crossed the teenage ninja Turtles and G.I Joe these mice are what you would get, taking you back to that same magical feeling of fun and action

They are a special taskforce ready to do one thing… combat BARON IRON WEASEL and his IRON FORCES.

The only defense against the villains is the action mice and now that the baron has returned and the Iron Weasels are rising up and they are stronger than ever.


In this exciting TV series, we join the heroes; Whiskers, Chunk, Pika, Silhouette, Strafe, Pulse, QuarterMaseter and Supply Chain, as they defend the Burrows against the vile Baron Ironweasel, Lady Mustela, General Moult, Kyoto, the Iron Weasel Shocktroopers and the Iron Weasel Elite.


The world needs new tiny heroes, and the ACTION MICE are here!

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