Hobgoblin – legendary ruby beer

The Wychwood Brewery is tucked away behind the main street of the market town of Witney, in the heart of the Oxfordshire Cotswolds.

The brewery was founded in 1983 by Paddy Glenny and christened The Eagle Brewery. In 1990, the Eagle was re-named the Wychwood Brewery after the Ancient medieval Wychwood Forest which borders Witney.

Purchased by Marston’s PLC in 2008, the brewery now hand crafts circa 52,000 barrels a year, including the Legendary Hobgoblin beer, a supporting range of imaginatively named bottled beers, and a full calendar of limited edition seasonal cask ales.

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HOBGOBLIN is Marston’s PLC largest single brand and is available in cask, keg, bottle, can and mini cask.

Hobgoblin is one of the UK’s fastest growing premium beer brands +10% MAT.

  • The YouGov Brand Index ‘Best Brands of 2016′ rated Hobgoblin 3rd best brand in the UK in the Beer and Cider category and a top 100 alcohol brand in The Grocers 2016 report.
  • The most shopped brand in the Take Home universe with 1 in 4 consumers regularly purchasing Hobgoblin. The UK’s No.2 premium bottled ale (value & volume) .
  • The UK’s 9th biggest cask beer.
  • A unique and mischievous brand character, with an appeal that is more accessible to recruit new drinkers to the category than more traditional beer brands.
  • The Unofficial Beer Of Halloween for eleven consecutive years.
  • A social media and digital activist creating interest and demand. (215,600 Facebook, 15,300 Twitter, 7,141 Instgram)
  • Innovative POS and on-pack  promotions.



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