ODD SQUAD is a live action comedy series about a government agency run by kids in suits, equipped with the world’s most advanced and unpredictable gadgetry.

Broadcast in the UK on CBBC, ODD SQUAD also airs in over 150 countries and continues to grow internationally with Free TV, Pay TV, SVOD, DVD, and streaming.

Target Age Group: Boys and girls 4-7, with 80 x 22 minute episodes.

Whenever anything strange, unusual or just plain nuts happens, it’s ODD SQUAD’s job to fix it fast.

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ODD is the problem, MATH is the solution

• Problem solving

• Teamwork

• Perseverance

• Humor

• Mathematical skills

Nominated for 9 Emmy Awards in 2018 and winner of 11 Emmy Awards since 2015.

Season 2 is currently airing and Season 3 has been commissioned, due for delivery in the second half of 2019.

Scheduling of all 3 seasons will run until 2021 at least.

Enter the world of ODD SQUAD here and for a sneak preview of “30 Gadgets in 30 Seconds” just click here.

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