Panama Jack

The #1 rated popular lifestyle escape is to “move to a tropical island.” Not everyone gets to live this dream, but Panama Jack puts a face on the most popular lifestyle and brings a little of this escape into our everyday lives.

Panama Jack Partners with Playa Hotels & Resorts to Create Panama Jack Resorts


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Panama Jack is a Florida based company with almost 40 years in the suncare and resort industries. The company continues to be a leader in “aspirational” lifestyle marketing, delivering a positive and consistent brand message to consumers.

This message is reflected in the perceptions of both adults and teens who characterise the brand as casual, relaxed, fun, friendly and modern. Panama Jack has a distinctive persona and an emotional resonance that conjures up the tropics, sun and surf.

The brand’s unique cachet creates consumer demand in multiple product categories and age demographics, with an extensive USA licensing programme.

The Panama Jack licensing programme launched in Europe exclusively through LMI.

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