Prisoner Zero

Prisoner Zero – Freedom is worth fighting for…

Get ready and buckle up for a thrilling adventure with Prisoner Zero.

A fast-paced, sci-fi, action adventure series following the exploits of teen heroes, Tag and Gem, and their mysterious friend Prisoner Zero.

Aimed at children aged 8 – 12, the series of 26 x half hour fun-filled, action-packed, intergalactic adventures, follows our heroes across the cosmos in the spaceship Rogue as they battle the evil Imperium.

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The Imperium have enslaved humanity and taken control of the population via a digital system wired into every cell of their bodies. Tag and Gem’s mission is clear: stop the Imperium and free humanity.

On their incredible adventures across the Universe, Tag and Gem encounter creatures from the dawn of time, discover a magical library hidden in the depths of their own ship, and get chased across the stars by an array of dazzling monsters. They zoom to victory on custom hover bikes and cause mayhem on hover boards.

Each episode features extensive action sequences, and each character is a master combatant. Using ‘BAM tech’ our characters defend themselves with spectacular blasts of digital energy.


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