Royal Armouries

The Royal Armouries is the National Museum of Arms and Armour and has been producing “Official Kit” since 1415. 

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The Royal Armouries is the United Kingdom’s National Museum of Arms and Armour, and one of the most important museums of its type in the world. its world class collection of arms and armour are held at its three sites, The Tower of London, which receives 2.5 million visitors a year, the National Museum of Arms & Armour in Leeds & Fort Nelson Portsmouth.


Dating back to the Middle Ages, the Royal Armouries’ celebrated core collection originated in England’s working arsenal, which was assembled over many centuries at the Tower of London. The museum collection is home to more than 75,000 items, having had objects on display for visitors since the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1st in the 16th Century.


The collection consists of about 75,000 items which is now displayed and housed in its historical home at the White Tower in the Tower of London but also at a purpose-built museum in Leeds, and at Fort Nelson near Portsmouth.


The Collection includes the actual suits of armour and weapons used by the Kings of England, from Henry VIII to James II. With 600 years of developing definitive, authentic product there is now a vast archive to offer potential licensing partners, including images, film and sound


From Film to Fantasy, Education to Activity, Fact to Re-Enactment

With the popularity and recent interest in historic period entertainment such as The Tudors, The White Queen, Wolf Hall, the notable real life characters of these world famous Kings and Queens are resonating with manufacturers and consumers alike.

All Royal Armouries licensed merchandise qualifies for a Certificate of Authenticity documenting that this is the oldest Collection of arms and armour in the world.

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