TARZAN has been called one of the best-known literary characters in the world. In addition to more than two dozen books by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the character has appeared in films, radio, television, comic books, stage and Broadway musicals.

TARZAN a Brand with health and trend appeal

TARZAN is a noun

TARZAN is a Brand icon

The latest movie ‘THE LEGEND OF TARZAN’ was released last Summer starring Alexander Skarsgard & Margot Robbie


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Tarzan is known the world over by young and old alike. Tarzan has been filmed no less than 47 different times for the big screen – it is second only behind  Dracula as the most filmed story in Hollywood’s history. From humble beginnings, the first screening of Tarzan was as a silent movie in 1918

Since Tarzan’s first appearance in All Story Magazine in 1912, artists around the world have amazed us with their renditions of the ape man.

Edgar Rice Burroughs is renowned for his many novels of fantastic adventure. Unquestionably his best known creation is that of the jungle hero, Tarzan of the Apes.

Tar – zan [tahr-zuhn, -zan] noun a person of superior or superhuman

physical strength, agility, and prowess.

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