World Rally Championship (WRC)

Established in 1973, The World Rally Championships is widely regarded as the most challenging motorsports championship in the world.

Rally events in 2017 will take place across the globe from the snow covered mountain tracks of Sweden through to the dusty terrain of Mexico and Australia. Cars featured: VW, Citroen and Hyundai.


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  • 31% increase in European TV audience in 2014
  • 57% TV audience increase worldwide
  • WRC is a strong brand with a history of growth and great awareness
  • Currently the most challenging and most emotional motorsports championship in the world
  • One of the biggest sports event in the world with more than 3.6 million spectators at the race tracks per year
  • High TV and digital media presence
  • Sales of licensed products possible at WRC events
  • Massive support in all media and at race tracks possible
  • Co-operations with all WRC partners
  • Style Guide and comprehensive Artwork archives available


Brand Philosophy:

Authentic, masculine, emotional, speed, powerful, extreme, high tech, heroic, outdoor, team spirit

Licensing opportunities available for all categories Contact Us to find out more.

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